Why do you personally think we dream

Why do you personally think we dream

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Select one dream that you have had recently that you still remember with some detail and that you don’t mind sharing. Briefly describe your dream and then explain your dream from a minimum of two of the dream theories discussed in the article and/or the textbook. In other words, how would those theories explain your dream and where it came from? Note: Be sure to describe each of the theories you have selected in order to receive full credit!

Why do you personally think we dream?


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I had a dream reoccurring severally over the holidays. I dreamt that I was back in high school. The exams were around the corner, but I had not covered anything in the syllabus. I decided to do the last minute reading, but I could not open the book whatsoever.  I could see other students reading but I could not………………………….


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