Proper roles

Proper roles

the philosophers studied in this module set the foundations for political thought. As you read the text and lecture material consider their views on the proper role of the state.Discuss their views on the proper roles of the state and how they might compare to the US state (government) today. Do you think the philosophers would agree with the current structure of the American government? Why or why not?.Most discussions on political thought begin with the early Greek philosophers Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle as they set the foundation for future studies and had a profound impact on the future of political thought.Socrates is considered by many to be the father of classical political thought. His teachings and philosophies, however, continue to resonate in the modern era.Plato, Socrates’ pupil, opened his own school, The Academy, in 385 where he continued many of the teachings of Socrates and began to further develop his own. His most famous writing, The Republic, explains his ideas on the role of the state and the nature of justice. One of his students was Aristotle.Aristotle was Plato’s most famous pupil, even though he frequently disagreed with his teacher. Through his life he tutored Alexander the Great and founded his own school, The Lyceum.

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proper roles


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