Product Dumping

Product Dumping

First, dumping clearly seems to be in the best INTEREST of the shareholders, etc. You could address issues of the fiduciary obligations of management here, if you choose.

Second, you note that those who purchase the product are not in a position to really provide INFORMED CONSENT. This would also be a good place to discuss a business’s responsibilities concerning PRODUCT LIABILITY.

You suggest that product liability is the most relevant issue in this case. What you will want to do is explore the different standards for product liability, defend the claim that one of them applies here, and then explain why that does or does not make it the responsibility of business to stop exporting. You also suggest that it might be the responsibility of government. Why would it be their responsibility rather than the business or the consumer?


…your understanding of course material
…your ability to develop a moral argument
…your ability to apply course concepts to concrete, real-world cases

End Product

A short paper defending a solution or analysis of a particular business ethics case. While there is no strict page limit or style requirements, use the following guidelines:

● Between 1,000 and 1,500 words ● 12 point font
● Times New Roman typeface
● Double-spaced

● Chicago-style parenthetical reference for citations (however, no reference are required beyond reference to the case study itself)


  • ● Case #1: Product Dumping
    • Outline an argument in favor of a stance on the issue.
    • Write a short paper (see above) including a summary of the case, identification of the ethical concerns, and you argument (not in outline form) in defense of your stance on the issue.

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     Product Dumping


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