Explain a specific example in which you utilized problem solving strategies

Explain a specific example in which you utilized problem solving strategies

Problem Solving Interview Question

Consider the following:

Respond to this typical interview question: Explain a specific example in which you utilized problem solving strategies to resolve a real world problem. (at least a paragraph)

Provide your feedback from the perspective of an interview coach to at least three (3) of your classmates.

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1.Stacie Lee

RE: Week 7 Discussion

I am in the process of buying home and as everyone knows, this is a huge decision. My problem is where I want to purchase my home. So now that I have defined the problem I must analyze, make my options clear, evaluate my options and then make my decision. Once these steps are done, then I must implement my decision and reflect. My deciding factors are price, location and specific things that I want in my new home. Even though I would love to stay in the location that I am in, which is close to everything that I do, work, church, family, I could get a lot more for my money if I decide to move out of my comfort zone. Which means longer drive time to work, church and my family. I am currently in the steps of making a pros and cons list to help guide my decision. Good news is that my current lease isn’t up until November, therefore I have some time.

2.Tia Newell

RE: Week 7 Discussion


I am faced with my husband and I getting ready to sell our home and buy another. The decision is hard and and its a big move for us because we have been in this home which is our first home together for 13 years. We have three kids and we just have out grown this home. My problem is trying to find another home in a good and safe area like where we are at know. We have three bedrooms and two baths but we need more space. What we are looking for in a home is a fence, garage, and the rooms need to be bigger then what we have know. We are looking a price and what we will be comfortable at because of course when we bought the house we are in know the price market was low so and its still kind of low for buying homes right know and the location is a must with me. I would get more home and everything I want in it if we move to MS which I am debating about because all the extra fees that Ms has compared to Tn. But we should be ready to finalize everything by June or July and I will be so happy. We have one going to college soon and it will be just different without her being there but less food being eaten lol and one extra room i can have as a guess room for visits lol..

3.Re’gena Williams

RE: Week 7 discussion

I want a new car. Preferably an SUV. This process has been going on for a month and I’m still trying to decide where I want to purchase the car. I have a pro/con list on how much I want to pay monthly, how much insurance and the coverage I need. I want a brand new car but I’m thinking of settling for a new/used car that has miles already. But to me that’s the least of my worries. If the car has 30,000 miles possible a little more is fine because I still consider that a new car. The biggest problem is the monthly car note and insurance. I wanted this new car for my birthday which was last week, but anytime is good time. I’ve been looking at cars from caravana and my cousin suggests I should buy from them because she declares out of all the cars she’s purchased from different car dealerships, this has by far been the best yet. I think it’s time I go to dealerships and see what I can get

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It was in this recent past that I was in dilemma; I could not make up my mind on what to buy between a Macbook and a PC. I had with me $1000 and I wanted to buy a quality computer. In comparison, Mac was more expensive than the PC. However, when I conducted an extensive research online I found a Window machine………………………


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