Print vs. Internet

Print vs. Internet

#1 Print vs. Internet

After reviewing the PowerPoints for this week, what parallels or similar consequences can be found in the introduction of printing and the introduction of the internet? What similar new advantages did each provide? What similar cultural changes did each cause?

#2  Future of the Internet

What possibilities for the internet’s future are you most excited about? Why? What possibilities are most troubling? Why?

#3 The Global Village

Media commentator Marshall McLuhan said over 45 ago that electronic communications would eventually lead to a global village. What does that concept mean to you, and what are its pluses and minuses?

#4 The Internet’s Promise

Do you think the internet’s promise will be crowded out by commercial interests? What “promise” is that? Is the alternative government control of the internet? If so, would government control be a good or a bad thing?

“Pervasive Value System”

“Instagram & Pinterest

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Print vs. Internet


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