Principals of Business Management

Principals of Business Management

After 50 years of embargo against Cuba, political forces increased the pressure for the United States to lift trade sanctions, reestablish currency exchanges, allow tourism, and rebuild the lucrative commerce relationships known between these nations prior to the 1960s. To begin this Discussion Forum, search the web for recent business periodicals on U.S./Cuba relationships to assist you with preparing a timely posting as well as contemporary peer responses.

Post a 125- to 250-word analysis that incorporates factual answers to the following questions:

  1. What is the current status of the trade relationship between the United States and Cuba? How does lifting sanctions with Cuba impact an organization’s global environment?
  2. How would American organizations ethically maintain the Cuban culture as business relationships evolve and trade barriers fall? What issues arise for these American organizations?
  3. What broader principles of international business relations does this situation suggest?

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