Please write a nicely detailed argumentation-persuasion essay on your choice of ONE of the following topics.

Please write a nicely detailed argumentation-persuasion essay on your choice of ONE of the following topics.

The assignment:

Please write a nicely detailed argumentation-persuasion essay on your choice of ONE of the following topics. Your essay should make some reference to our novel Fridaybut the vast majority of your information should come from your own research, please. You may argue either for (pro) or against (con) any of the topics. Here is your choice of topics:

  1. Our protagonist is a genetically constructed “artificial person.” There are also other genetically constructed beings such as a “super-dog” and “human artifacts.” Currently, there are scientists who have cloned various animals, have created genetically modified foods, have created genetically modified insects, have created genetically modified organs/body parts, and there are also scientists who are beginning to experiment with genetically modifying human beings. Each of these current modifications brings forth ethical questions. Your topic may be:
    1. Scientists should/should not continue exploring-researching-conducting genetic alterations. (The focus of those alterations may be either human or other organisms).
  2. In this futuristic novel, the nations around the world have balkanized or grouped and regrouped, thereby changing their borders. Recently, there was a push to have California secede from the rest of the United States.
    1. Although this issue did not ultimately reach the ballot, you may argue for or against the idea of California seceding from the United States.
  3. Throughout the novel, colonies in space and on various planets are mentioned, and those colonies take a prominent role in the latter portion of the story.
    1. You may argue for or against efforts to colonize the moon, Mars, or another exoplanet. Consider propulsion, funding, resources, and other social/political needs or desires in this topic.
  4. One of the features of Botany Bay planet is a requirement that everyone speak English (with the thought that such a language requirement would lead to better communication and less fighting amongst the population).
    1. Across the United States (and in other countries as well), from time to time, there have been pushes to make English (or another language) the official language in politics and education. (For example, in China, Cantonese and Mandarin are spoken by millions of people; however, Mandarin is the official language of government). Please argue for or against this idea.
  5. With the demise of fossil fuels – replaced by the Shipstones and horse-driven carriages), there are several different modes of transportation.
    1. Currently, technology is advancing to make self-driving cars (on “smart” highways) not only possible but perhaps preferable. Please argue for or against the widespread, perhaps mandatory, use of self-driving cars.
  6. The marriage arrangements conveyed in the story are virtually all polygamous. As you may have researched previously, you know that monogamous marriages are not universal across the world.
    1. Please argue for or against marriage with multiple spouses within the USA.
  7. Friday has to use various forms of currency in her adventures. Most often, she uses some form of credit card rather than cash – except when she is bribing someone.
    1. Currently, there are societies where cash is not being used or is being used less than previously. Please argue for or against the United States becoming a cashless society.
    2. As an alternative,you may argue for or against more universal forms of currency. (For example, in Europe the various forms have coalesced into the Euro).
  8. Our protagonist has to cross the border from the Imperium into British Canada, using a blowtorch. This is one form of border mentioned in the story.
    1. Please argue for or against having a physical border boundary-fence-wall between the United States and its neighboring countries. Consider the current debate about erecting a wall along our southern border. Also consider the demolition of the Berlin Wall and what changes that brought about.
  9. Boss mentions that his organization would work better under a dictatorship rather than a democracy. Although the author does not explain that idea.
    1. Currently, in our world, there are monarchies, dictatorships, and various forms of republics/democracies. Please argue whether a democracy is superior or inferior to another form of government.
  10. The story begins with Friday attempting to avoid government surveillance and, later on, she repeatedly discusses being able to move about and conduct her business without leaving any traces.
    1. Please argue for increased or decreased government surveillance within our country.

For any of these topics, please conduct some research and cite and use at least three different sources. (You may use our novel as one source). As with all arguments, you must support your perspective with detailed reasons, examples, and explanations. The usual formatting requirements apply.

  1. A formal outline
  2. A rough draft that shows evidence of peer review
  3. A revised, final draft
  4. MLA style and format
  5. Length: 3+ pages, not including a Works Cited page
  6. A Works Cited page

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