Personal Bio

Personal Bio

Please write a personal bio for me based off of the background info I will list bellow.

I grew up Glendale, California

I am a senior at Cal State University of Northrigde with a marketing major.

I started my own online jewelry shop 3 years ago.

I accomplished a great marketing platform through social media to market my jewelry shop

I have over 34k followers on my jewelry page

I work with my small business to help them with their social media marketing

I currently work with a restaurant called plate and petal where i help them do their social media marketing

Please try to “fluff” up these points I gave and let me know if you need any more information


This bio is, in a sense, an executive summary of your professional (not personal) capabilities and achievements.

For this assignment, you will write a one-paragraph bio for yourself. Consider what you’d like people to know about you and what you’d like to highlight for them in terms of professional accomplishments. Think of actionable outcomes you can acknowledge in your bio (note that you shouldn’t start from birth, only your professional experience). Your hopes and dreams are not elements of the bio, only professional outcomes you’ve already accomplished.

Your bio need not be long at this point in your career. You will add to, and adjust, your bio over time. In this way, when companies want to highlight you as a team-member or presenter, or show your accomplishments on the website or in a brochure, you have your bio ready and can provide it to them.

*Bios are written in 3rd person.

*Don’t lead with your education. That generally goes at the end. If you are graduating this year then write the bio you will use the day after you graduate.

*Focus on what you’ve already accomplished, not the future.


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