Ethics Program Implementation

Ethics Program Implementation

Ethics Program Implementation

As you can see by your reading, a lot of energy goes into the implementation of an organizational ethics program which impact rules and regulations. In this assignment, we’ll be focusing on a contemporary ethical dilemma that has to do with the implementation of a successful dress code program that is flexible enough to accommodate the changing needs of our society in order to enhance an organization’s culture.

Case Assignment

Melissa Sanchez is the VP of HR for Company XYZ. She has worked for Company XYZ for 10 years. She wants to change the “uptight and conservative” culture of the organization because of the new Millennials who will be joining the workforce. Ultimately, she would like to make Company XYZ more attractable. Productivity levels have been stagnating over the past 5 years. She has a conversation with the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and he supports her overall plan. Melissa explains to the COO that the dress code needs to be modified. The COO exclaims, “But we are a valued organization and we need to be presentable to all of our clients.” Melissa understands his point but also understands that it is time for change. Based on her experiences and training, Millennials like flexible schedules, a lot of autonomy, and a progressive and liberal work environment. The current dress code is business casual and Melissa feels that a more moderate and comfortable dress code is more desirable for new and existing employees. As a matter of fact, it comes up on every annual Employee Job Satisfaction survey. The COO asks her to create a force field analysis evaluating the implications of the dress code change for tomorrow’s executive meeting. She agrees and starts to prepare.

Melissa decides to call her old college Business Professor and discuss this idea of changing the dress code. Her open-minded college professor understands the importance of changing old norms and adapting to contemporary standards. He explains, “Employees have the potential of being more productive if they feel more comfortable while at work.” Melissa thanks him for his time and decides to consider all feasible options.

Assignment Expectations

Please take some time to review the background materials and take a position on the issue. Write a 2 page paper where you address the following questions:

Should a business casual dress code be the norm at all organizations? If employees start dressing down, will it change the image of the entire organization?

What are the implications of changing the dress code? Should managers always have to dress in business casual?

If the dress code changes to a more lax and comfortable policy— what if some employees start dressing promiscuously and scandalously? How would managers regulate on these types of issues?

What if research states that a more lax and comfortable policy has the potential of increasing productivity levels? Would it be worth changing the policy?

Your paper should be double-spaced and in 12-point type size.

Your paper should have a separate cover page and a separate reference page. Make sure you cite your sources.

Use APA style, and proofread your paper.

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Ethics Program Implementation

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