Organizational Structures and Functions

Organizational Structures and Functions

Organizational Structures and Functions


Every organization has a mission and purpose with goals to measure their success rate. The Golden Age Hospital has a very specific audience and will need to target its mission statement and goals to the target audience. The target audience “reflects who an organization is trying to appeal to for its products or services” (Swayne, 2011). The organization’s structure will accommodate the target audience in its processes and programs. The Golden Age Hospital’s mission statement should appeal to the senior citizens within the community. The mission statement has a concept that is “broadened to encompass not only the basic role of an organization in society or the reason for its existence, but also its vision, values, scope of business, public image, and beyond” (Azaddin, 2012).

When combining the target audience and concept of a mission statement, the Golden Age Hospital mission reads, “The Mission of Golden Age Hospital is to improve the overall health and well-being of those living their golden years by providing excellence in timely, accurate, and quality healthcare. Our Vision is to be the region’s choice for geriatric medical excellence.”


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Discussion 2: Organizational Structures and Functions


When deciding what type of hospital the Golden Age Hospital (GAH) will be for the present and the future, a mission statement must be developed. A mission statement is, “something that states the purpose or goal of a business or organization (Merriam-Webster, 2018).” Meaning, that this statement is given from the company’s CEO to its personnel and consumers around the world, indicating what the company will be providing the public within the present time. For the Golden Age Hospital, the mission statement would be as follows: Our mission at the Golden Age Hospital (GAH), is to provide excellent healthcare service to our patients in the twilight years of their lives. We are dedicating to furnishing our patients with the services that they need, to healthier happier lives. Now, that the Golden Age Hospital has a mission statement, what exactly will the be an organizational structure for this hospital. But, what exactly is organizational structure? Organizational structure describes, “how the roles, power, and responsibilities are assigned, controlled, and coordinated, and how information flows between the different levels of management (Business Dictionary, 2018).” Organizational structure is needed for any business. It assists in the given a business some order that employees and consumers can follow.


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Organizational Structures and Functions


Establishing an organizational structure is critical in ensuring a company’s strategic goals are met. In addition, it provides a visual and functional representation of the administrative and operational flow of the processes within the organization.

Because the Golden Age Hospital (GAH) will be located within the same facility, the organizational structure would be merged with the current org structure that Mission Viejo Hospital has. The GAH would be established as an “arm” under the Mission Viejo Hospital much like the Children’s Hospital. The GAH would have its own director that would be directly reporting to the Mission Viejo Hospital administrator. The community clinic would be geographically separated, however, would still be placed under the GAH within the organizational structure. There would also be a chief of operations or director at the community clinic that would act as the lead; and would report directly to the GAH director.

Including GAH within the organizational structure of Mission Viejo Hospital will allow for centralized control and facilitate the flow of communication and policy implementation up and down the chain (Berkowitz & Wren, 2013). It also enhances transparency and coordination within and among members of the organization.



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Organizational Structures and Functions


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