Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

Why might two employees with the same job description develop different attitudes toward it? [Objective 2.1]

Identify the Big Five personality traits. For each of the five, give at least one example of how an individual trait could influence how a person performs a job. Then tell how understanding these traits can help individuals be better managers. [Objectives 2.1, 2.2]

Under what circumstances might a supervisor be motivated to perceive a subordinate’s performance as being poor when it really is not? Answer this question in relation to attribution theory and perception. [Objective 2.3]

Why is continuous learning so important in today’s organizational environment? Describe the relationship between creativity and continuous learning, and give an example of how creativity helps an organization to succeed.[Objective 2.5]

Identify the four theories of work motivation discussed in the chapter. Choose one and summarize its perspective on motivation. [Objective 2.5]

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Organizational Behavior


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