Present a marketing plan for a nonprofit organization.

Present a marketing plan for a nonprofit organization.

Present a marketing plan for a nonprofit organization.

For this Assignment, you will present a marketing plan for a nonprofit organization. Your presentation should consist of 10–15 slides (including introduction and references slides). You will include each of the six components of a marketing plan as outlined in this chapter. You can use a fictional or non-fictional organization in your community. If you create a fictional organization, you can choose what population is being served and what services are offered.

You will use the following headings of elements for each target population identified.

  • Target Market
    • To develop an effective marketing plan for an organization, it is first necessary to identify the target markets. If you serve only one very specific population, then the task of segmenting the client market would not be that difficult, but many organizations provide multiple program services for a variety of populations. The first task then is to identify each of the segments of the client market including donor demographics and list each of them. You will specify how your organization plans to reach each target audience group identified.
  • Mission and Goal Statement:
    • This portion of your marketing plan will clearly state what it is that your organization hopes to accomplish for the clients you serve. Your mission and goal statement should clearly define the overall purpose of your organization. The marketing plan should tie specifically to accomplishing the mission and goal. If you are using an actual nonprofit organization, you can use their mission statement and revise it to align with marketing plan goals.
  • Set Outcome Objectives:
    • Define specific, measurable outcome objectives for each target audience.
    • You will address:
      • What do you want the results to be of your marketing activities?
      • How many clients do you want to serve in the coming year?
    • What kinds of results do you expect to see with the organization’s stakeholders?
    • How much money will you need to raise this year?
    • How many volunteer hours do you hope to log?
  • Develop Strategies Through Process Objectives:
    • What steps can you take to accomplish your outcome objectives?
      • What will you need to do to accomplish results you desire?
      • What steps will you take to reach this outcome objective?
  • Action Plan:
    • The action plan should be written in a manner that makes it easy to determine who is to do what by when
    • How will your organization go about implementing the defined marketing strategies identified in the process objectives?
    • Who is responsible for each component of the plan?
    • What is the timeline for each activity to be implemented?
  • Budget:
    • How is the marketing plan built into the organization’s budget?
    • What resources will be allocated to the marketing plan?
  • Monitoring:
    • How will you evaluate your progress and make any necessary adjustments to the plan?
    • What is the system for evaluation of both outcome and process objectives?
    • Who is responsible to see that reporting and review procedures are followed?
    • How will progress be measured?

Your Assignment should reflect professional writing standards using proper tone and language. The writing and writing style should be correct, accurate, and reflect knowledge of conducting a community-needs assessment, and the role that this plays with regard to marketing proposals. You should include a minimum of four reputable references in your Assignment. Your Assignment should be about 10–15 slides in length, fully utilizing the notes section with what would be expressed if you were actually presenting. The 10–15 slides include the introductory slide and final references slide. For help with citations, refer to the APA Quick Reference. For additional writing help, visit the Writing Center and review the guidelines for research, citation, and plagiarism.

COURSEBOOK: Watson, L. D., & Hoefer, R. A. (2013). Developing Nonprofit and Human Service Leaders. SAGE Publications, Inc. (US).

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Present a marketing plan for a nonprofit organization.


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