Share your opinion about the Oral presentation segment of this course

Share your opinion about the Oral presentation segment of this course

Share your opinion about the Oral presentation segment of this course (where you submitted Power Points based on select cases). How did your participation and the work of ‘presenting’ alter the way you think and approach principles of operations mgt?

Include a paraphrased summary, with cites from your study and references from at least 2 peer reviewed journal articles. These can be found either in the library or by selecting the pdf link to the right of your search. Provide cites and references for each of your discussion responses.

Hi; I did not have time to do the oral presentation; I work to much.. honestly i am very shy. ..

see samples of some discussions;

1. I am not one of those individuals who can go out in front of everyone and just speak what is on my mind or ramble on about some topic that I was to do some research on. Oral presentations give me severe anxiety even though you are not standing up in front of the class and presenting, it is still a presentation. I am always worried that I will sound too young, or that people will not be able to understand me very well. However, I think this is something that all of my fellow classmates will have experienced as well. Even though we only had two oral presentations for this course, and I did very well on the first one and I am unsure of how the second one turned out, I am still glad that I was able to participate. Each oral presentation that I experience allows me to lessen that fear of public speaking just a little bit.

The first oral presentation that we did was on the case “My Compliments to the Chef, ER, Buyer” and was from week five of this course. This case was very interesting to me because I have worked in food service before. However, I feel as though there could have been more to the case. This case was very short and made you read between the lines of the article. It was speaking of restaurants who use outsourcing for some of their menu items in order to make for quicker service and a menu with more options to choose from. I feel as though this oral presentation went by just as quick as reading the article. In the future I would like to see some cases that have more of a background on them and are of a longer length.

This course has made me think outside the box and realize that there is a lot of things that go on in the day-to-day operations of a business. Things are occurring even when the business is shut down for the day. Operations management has to do with everything that occurs in the business from the minute they open their doors to customers they are constantly on the go. They check everything throughout the day from their finances to the employees and everything in between. It was definitely a great experience being able to work in this course and have the opportunity to present cases orally and have such positive feedback from the professor and my fellow peers.


Stevenson, W. J. (2018). Operations management (13th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.


The Oral Presentation done this Sunday alter my way of thinking and approach of operations. The operation management implies making decision based on production process that results on products or services (Andrew, & Johnson, 2001). This project gives me the opportunity to understand better the process of operation in detail. Study and analyze the operations and how can affect the blackout to operations. Company suffers and loses money when the blackout occurs. I learn that operations are more complex that only making the product. Involves planning, strategy, and dedication to maintain the operations. This is an important key for business and where the company spend money. The oral presentation was about the effect of Blackout to business operation and find out a solution to keep the operation running. Using a mobile app to have the same control and service to maintain the operation. This course make me think beyond and understand what is the meaning and importance of operations to business.


Andrew, C., & Johnson, G. (2001) The Crucial Importance of Production and operation Management. Academy of Management. The Academy of Management Review; Briarcliff Manor Vol.7, Iss. 1. Retrieved from

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