What strategic recommendations would you make

What strategic recommendations would you make

Estonia Case Study

Read the following case study:

Czosseck, C., Ottis, R., & Talihä, A. (2011, July). Estonia after the 2007 cyber attacks: Legal, strategic and organisational changes in cyber security. European Conference on Information Warfare and Security, 57-IX.

Answer the following questions:

What strategic recommendations would you make?

What operational security aspects should be considered so as to prevent such attacks in the future?

What sort of an encryption policy, if any, would have helped in this situation?


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The strategic recommendations to be made in such a case of national cyber security being in jeopardy is having an implementation plan that enables the defending, deterring and developing the country’s cyber security. Defending would entail various activities such as development of a cyber defense that is active…………………..


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