Demonstrate sound foundational knowledge and an understanding of the principles of biology

Demonstrate sound foundational knowledge and an understanding of the principles of biology

Demonstrate sound foundational knowledge and an understanding of the principles of biology

HS499: Bachelors Capstone in Health Science


HS499-1: Knowledge Base: Demonstrate sound foundational knowledge and an understanding of the principles of biology, chemistry, human anatomy, physiology, and disease processes as they relate to health outcomes.

These subjects were important to further success in the medical field because they give a basic and comprehensive understanding of each factor and how the information is utilized.

HS499-2: Research Methods and Critical Thinking Skills: Demonstrate competency in medical research and inquiry using scientific methods and laboratory skills for critical thinking and problem-solving in health care settings.

These skills helped to broaden my understanding of how to conduct proper research and how to implement the scientific method.

HS499-3: Interdisciplinary Integration: Apply principles of healthy living at the individual and community level to protect and promote optimal physical and mental health.

This unit helped me to understand how not only the individual, but the environment, and the community factor in the quality of life and healthy living.

HS499-4: Public Health and Education: Integrate basic knowledge of the core disciplines within public health and deliver educational programs that promote public health.

This unit explained how exactly different medical career field, as well as policies and legislation, are used to develop guidelines to improve the overall health of the community.

HS499-5: Health Care Administration: Demonstrate an understanding of the forces impacting health delivery systems and the effective management of health care administration.

I think this unit was one of my favorites, as it focused on the career field I’m working toward. The HER and the administrative side of healthcare are always very interesting to me.

HS499-6: Ethics and Professionalism: Employ the professional, ethical, and legal standards of health care practice and interdisciplinary collaboration through leadership and community stewardship.

I think this is one of the most important aspects of this course. Being able to comprehend the legal standards and practices of healthcare is imperative to quality healthcare. This unit was also very beneficial to my understanding of my field.



HS499-1 Knowledge Base: This section of our studies was important to my degree because it keeps a lot of the basics for each of the medical areas like biology, human anatomy, and the disease process. Repetition keeps these keys areas our head. I don’t see any room for improvement for this section.

HS499-2: Research Methods and Critical Thinking Skills: To me this is the most important section of the course. It’s the most important because I plan on becoming a Physicians Assistant and researching and critical thinking will be very crucial in properly diagnosing patients. I don’t see no need for change in this part of the course.

HS499-3 Interdisciplinary Integration: I have always been big on living healthy by exercising and eat appropriately. I’m a single parent so I need to assure I stay healthy for her. I also will need this to pass onto my patients. No need to change anything in this part of the course.

HS499-4 Public Health and Education: Public health is very important to having a healthy community. It was a good refresher that helped me to realize how public health is so important to an individuals health. No need to change and I liked the project.

HS499-5 Health Care Administration: Before this class I had a very good knowledge base of how the administrative portion of what affects the medical treatments because I got my Associates degree in medical coding and billing. It was nice getting a refresher and I see this useful to everyone to refresh on. Nothing to change in this part of the course.

HS499-6 Ethics and Professionalism: I just retired from the military and this portion of any class is just a good reminder to all people that how you present yourself, lead, and help others will affect the outcome of your work. Since my retirement I have not let myself get out of shape, though I no longer wear a uniform I reach back to other soldiers and help them through the retirement process. Now I work from home, no I don’t stay in pajamas all day, I get dressed before I start doing any work. This way my daughter understands looking presentable for work even if it’s at home is very important.

As you can see I really don’t think there is anything that needs to be changed in the course. I thought everything was suitable for the degree plan and it was fun. We completed our degree! Good job everyone and good luck to your new future!


HW320: Contemporary Diet and Nutrition


This course has taught me so much more about food and nutrition than I ever thought possible. I thought that I had a good grasp on what I should eat and what I should not eat. Little did I know what was being put into our foods that are healthy to eat, yet filled with carcinogenic additives. One of my goals after this course is to take the things I have learned and to be more aware of the additives. I want to take more time to read the labels and avoid things like sodium nitrite. I think that that hit me the hardest from this course; learning about the sodium nitrite added to our processed meats is so scary. I have been reading meat labels so closely now, I do not buy anything with sodium nitrite anymore. I even talk about it with my 4-yr old. Which brings up my second goal, I hope to pass all the things I learned in this course to my children. I feel like this is all such important stuff and we should enlighten the next generation early, maybe they can put an end to additives in our foods.



Hi Classmates and Professor,

The two goals that I am planning on achieving with my nutrition programming is to teach health and wellness at my local community center for all ages. I want to be able to change the obesity rates from the young to more senior. I feel that by reaching out to the community, will create a better connection to the residents here and to also let them know that there are educators such as myself, who cares a great deal about the health of the individuals here.

My second goal is to start a health and wellness camp for the youth. I want to design a fun and educational camp full of sports, nutrition, cooking classes, and health training. The children will also be able to become mentors for other youth after they complete the camp for two consecutive years. I will also have a counselor and psychologist on staff in case a child may have issues with nutrition that need to be medically handled. Some children do not always speak out about their medical problems, so I feel that it would be essential to have someone qualified that they can turn to for guidance.

These two goals are important for me to consider for my eating habits because I feel that I cannot teach individuals if I am not eating healthy myself. I want to personally set the example of what people should be doing by staying physically fit and eating well-balanced meals.


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Demonstrate sound foundational knowledge and an understanding of the principles of biology


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