Describe the associated culturally and ethically competent care

Describe the associated culturally and ethically competent care

Nursing paper ( Immigrant women)

Vulnerable populations, including the uninsured, immigrants, and working poor, are at greater risk of developing health problems. Historically, nurse practitioners have cared for this growing population.

The purpose of this Assignment is for you to gain an understanding of the psychosocial needs of vulnerable female populations and issues impacting culturally competent delivery of women’s health care. This is a 5–7 page paper, excluding title page and references, written in 6th edition APA format. Please review the grading rubric in course resources.

Chosen Topic : Immigrant women


Select a vulnerable female population such as gender identity; domestic violence; incarcerated women; immigrant, migrant or refugee women; adolescents; or homeless women.

Introduce the group and why you selected it.

Outline the relevant group statistics related to the population as well as the impact of the group on women’s health.

Analyze the psychosocial needs of the selected group.

Discuss the issues impacting culturally competent care delivery for the group.

Describe the associated culturally and ethically competent care methods the NP will employ in caring for the population.



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The world is increasingly integrating with the cases of immigration among countries at its peak. A trend owing to the diverse multiracial and multicultural aspects present in the country. Back in 2002, the Migration Policy Institute noted a gradual upward trend in the numbers of female immigrants into the United States…………………………


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