The article I chose was titled “How artificial intelligence is changing nursing

The article I chose was titled “How artificial intelligence is changing nursing

The article I chose was titled “How artificial intelligence is changing nursing

The article I chose was titled “How artificial intelligence is changing nursing”. This literature delves into how the use of algorithms and robots in the healthcare sector possess changes to the nursing profession. The question raised is, what is artificial intelligence (AI)?  It involves the techniques used to teach computers to learn, reason, perceive, infer, communicate, and make decisions similar to or better than humans” (Nancy Robert,2019). The US issued the executive order in 2019, to Maintaining American Leadership in Artificial Intelligence, directing all federal government agencies to implement strategic objectives aimed at accelerating AI research and development” (Nancy Robert,2019).
One area artificial intelligence has impacted in nursing is providing the right advisory, at the right time to achieve quality desired goals. Robotic engineering has advanced to a stage of creating emotionally responsive robots, they are also called social or companion robots, and performing nursing functions as ambulation support, vital signs measurement, medication administration, and infectious disease protocols. Does this mean nurses will be out of jobs and robots taking over in the near future? The answer is no, the role of robots is more of an assistive role and not a complete takeover, because of ethical considerations, changing roles, and Job losses. Even with their role in assisting the nurse is faced with the challenge of making sense of the results, whether the results are surprising, and being confident of what the results represent and how to use the results. I believe the change process used in the article is consistent with Lewin’s Model of change.
Looking into the future artificial intelligence (AI) will impact the roles and tasks performed by nurses especially on the time spent delivering care, but nurses will need fine new ways of processing information to deliver human-centered care supported by artificial intelligence.
Nancy Robert is a managing partner for Polaris Solutions. (2019, August 14). How artificial intelligence is changing nursing: Nursing Management. LWW.
.The article is by Timothy W, Thomas ,and Patricia c Seifert, is discussion what  important  of Registered Nurse and there role in  improving better and more affordable care for patients and community. The author is considering register Nurse are leader of new idea and innovation  to advance practice in the health care system  , and improving the quality of care , this article is describing the number of  new innovation to attained a goal  identified by the American Association Professional Issues. It also explain the  limitation that register Nurse have  around their practice  and clarifying these barrier to practice to the full extend of their education , experience and scop of practice (Thomas2015)
In the article is presenting RN as  a leader of innovation, the recently updated ANA scope and standard of practice  document  calls for RN to be a leader  within the profession , working to influence policies and encourage innovation(ANA,2015).
 Innovation  effort  in the health care system  are often focused on what is described as the Institute for health care improvement (IHI,n.d.)
Innovation can create some question  such  us does the innovation fits ,or should we do it here  , cost can be one of the problem , are we ready for the change  those are type of problem that Register Nurse leader can .
These nurse innovators are working to improve outcomes and the patient experience by reimagining and redesigning healthcare and developing innovative models of care (Mason et al., 2015).
 Innovation result can be detect  if  programs invented are helpful to community and protect patient and vulnerable infants assist the elderly to remain in their homes , if skills  of caregiver are improved to help  promoting health issues prevention.
There are many examples of nurses creating innovative solutions to address healthcare quality. RN­led protocols have been effective in reducing cardiac surgery readmission( Sawatzky, Christies and Singal , 2013)
 Characteristics of successful Nurse Innovators, one approach is  to understand personal  characteristic  in education level ,certification ,training ,coaching and some other variable  impact behavior(Sptz,2016).
This is how he wants us to respond to their discussion.
 After reviewing the article, identify 3 salient (relevant) points presented in the article in terms of the change proposed and the setting for the change, include a rationale/evidence for each point.
 After reviewing the article  the main point to innovation is among nursing learning and education , teaching nurses  new application , training thru  classes, hospitals provide a numerous educational  classes to teach nurses new mobile devices and  software  associated with their Jobs , help in delivering better patient care .
The student transfers this theoretical training into practice, communicates directly with society, recognizes individuals with different expectations and needs, and seeks solutions to their health needs (Mannix et al., 2006).
these student nurses are practicing in different environment with many health problems ,   educator and leader are monitoring closely to help them .
another point world wide  higher education  programs , renovation is   renewing  science and technology used by healthcare facility , it can provide  economic and scocial  benefits, some study was done of a sample of 150  nurse who work  in the clinical this study showed  according to the results of the post hoc test used to determine the power of the sample after the survey, the sample provided “95% reliability with 82% strength with 3% effect size”. The relationship of nurses with students is also important in ensuring a positive learning environment. This relationship provides close supervision, personal support, and guidance for students (Esenay, 2013).
Klein-Collins, R. (2011). Strategies to Produce New Nurses for a Changing Profession: A Policy Brief on Innovation in Nursing Education. Council for Adult and Experiential Learning (NJ1).

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