Nursing Timeline of Historical Events

Nursing Timeline of Historical Events

In viewing and reading the media piece on ” Nursing Timeline of Historical Events”, I have come to realize that many of the commodities we have now in nursing and the healthcare industry as a whole, are due to the hard work, research and extensive lobbying of our nursing pioneers. Understanding how individuals such as Harriet Patience Dame, Florence Nightingale and Mary Mahoney had to adapt to circumstances that involved lack of equipment, consequences of war and discrimination in order to change nursing.

Three trends in Nursing that have influenced my perspective of nursing practice are Access to Nursing Education, Technology, Nurse Regulation. Access to Nursing Education has evolved drastically. Some of our pioneers didn’t even have official education. They used their primitive tools and resources to nurse individuals back to health. Presently, there are numerous institutions which offer Associate’s and Bachelor’s degree education. These degrees can be obtained from State Universities, Private colleges, Community Colleges and the list may go on. As patient needs have risen, so has the advancement in technology. Currently there are different types of Diagnostic Studies and Imaging available that assist physicians and practicing nursing counterparts in diagnosing diseases. There is also the development electronic medical records that was generated to improve patient care. Lastly, nursing regulation is important. Initially there was no regulations and standards. As it gained strength in the workforce, governance of this profession was needed. This is where associations and boards came into existence to help and regulate the profession and generate a code of conduct that nurses are presently able to follow.


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As noted in the post, modern-day nursing has evolved through intensive research and hard work by the pioneers. It is unfortunate that earlier nurses had to deal with complex injuries and ailments without the necessary equipment or had rough times being appreciated as nurses. Nonetheless, modern technology has enabled the interaction…………………..


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