Write a two page paper analyzing the Nixon tapes

Write a two page paper analyzing the Nixon tapes

Question details: Students will write a two page paper analyzing the Nixon tapes.

As many Americans are aware, President Richard M. Nixon ran into significant controversy in the 1970’s regarding the recording of questionable tapes during his administration.

Please view the Nixon tapes http://nixontapes.org/transcripts.html
and listen to a number of various recordings.

Read several transcripts and review the various and assorted materials. The quality is poor and is from the 1972 era. The assignment:
EXPLORE and review several tapes and various conversations.

Prepare a 2 page narrative summary on what you have learned. This is vague and intentionally done so. Have fun with it, play with the different recordings and read the history. Pay special attention to the vocals and the pitches. Utilize the skill sets discussed in this course.

Please include your opinion on the following, based on what you have learned in this course:
[1] Was there inflection or difference in President Nixon’s vocal patterns that would raise suspicion as an examiner? If so, what was it that you flagged?
[2] Were you able to determine a baseline or a steady tone or inflection, contrasted by a pitch or different vocal pitch?
[3] Explain what surprised you about this assignment. Again, these are opinions and you are not graded on your ability to properly detect anything in President Nixon’s vocal patterns…It’s just to get you thinking.
The body of the paper does not include the title or reference page. A minimum of three sources should be. The paper is to be in APA 6th edition format using citations within the paper and references on the last page of the paper. Incorrectly cited material will affect your grade.
References from various sources (i.e., text, academic journals [peer reviewed], professional journals, and web based materials) must be cited, and all must be of appropriate academic quality. Use of newspapers, news magazines, and similar periodicals must be kept to a minimum, and will be acceptable only as sources for supplementary information. References like “Wikipedia,” “Psychology Today,” and “Court TV” are not primary sources, are not peer reviewed (reviewed for empirical integrity, accuracy, and authenticity), and are not appropriate references for scholarly writing (with the possible exception of use for anecdotal background information).


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Write a two page paper analyzing the Nixon tapes

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