New or Established Venture? and Business Opportunity

 New or Established Venture? and Business Opportunity

These are two separate discussion posts, both need to be completed. There is no word count requirement, however any references used should be in APA style.

New or Established Venture?

What would be your choice if posed with the decision between starting up a new venture or buying an ongoing venture if you have an opportunity to be an entrepreneur? What are the considerations that would help you make the decision?

Business Opportunity

Identify a product or service and assess the business opportunity for a new venture in that market. Is there a good opportunity for a new venture? Why? How would you create value for the product or service if you were the entrepreneur of the new venture?

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For an entrepreneur, it is crucial to evaluate the risks and opportunities available to start a new business. Therefore, they should consider whether to start a new business on their own or whether to buy a business that is already running……………………
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