Two page essay on Network Operation System

Two page essay on Network Operation System

Two page essay on Network Operation System, Microsoft Windows Operating System, and LANs

The Microsoft Windows enterprise operating system is utilized by a great majority of businesses today. Write an essay defining a Network Operation System (NOS), and briefly summarize the Microsoft Windows operating system. Be sure to include a minimum of one drawing of a local area network (LAN) configuration using at least a client/server relationship as part of your response. Include any other devices needed, such as routers and printers. You can use any basic drawing application for your LAN drawing. Your essay should be two pages and be formatted using APA style. Use your own words, and include citations and references as needed to avoid plagiarism. Include two additional outside references.

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A computer has gone through developments since its first discovery. It is one and mostly device that goes under development and improvement day after day. For a computer to fully function, it requires a system where all the software will be able to adequately and efficiently work. A suitable computer system yields good………………………


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