Negotiations and Emotions, SOX and ALM

Negotiations and Emotions, SOX and ALM

In this module you saw the important role that emotions play in a negotiation. For this discussion board, share a story of a conflict or negotiation that you were involved in which emotions ran high. It could be personal, work, transaction (such as buying a house) related. What emotions were present on your side? How did these emotions impact your ability to negotiate or resolve the conflict? What emotions were showcased by the other party? How did their emotions affect the negotiation or resolution process?

2.  What is the purpose of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)? What risks does SOX mitigate? How is the application of SOX different among industries like manufacturing and banking? How is it the same?

3.  How is ALM for a business related to ALM for a bank? Given what you understand about the 2008 financial crisis, how might bankers have better conducted ALM?

1 paragoh for each question

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In a recent case where I was involved in online selling of electronics, I got a customer who needed to buy the phone that I had advertised. The price was fixed but the customer insisted on bargaining way below the best price of the product…………………………………


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