Comparing Pink and blue Music with White birch both by O’keeffe

Comparing Pink and blue Music with White birch both by O’keeffe

Comparison essay, comparing Pink and blue Music with White birch both by O’keeffe. Here’s the titles for the two paintings.

O’Keeffe, Pink and Blue Music II, 1918 and O’Keeffe, White Birch, 1925

These pairs have been chosen to suggest different ways the artists have understood and depicted similar subjects or ideas, or how artists has chosen different subjects and made them similar. The questions I want you to answer is: what are the differences and similarities between the paintings and what do these differences tell you about the artist’s intentions or the way we are supposed to view the subject? And, as a secondary question: how are the differences/similarities consistent within each painting’s form and content?

You should compare and contrast the two paintings you have chosen. Begin with a formal analysis of the work. How do the artists use line, color, composition, etc., to create specific effects, points of views, moods, ideas? Discuss how these formal effects relate to the content or the subject of the work. Use specific details of the paintings to illustrate your ideas. Often a good way to begin thinking about the question is to list everything you see or react to in a painting. But don’t make the final paper a list. You should have an argument, with a thesis and a conclusion or general point that summarizes and synthesizes the detailed points of comparison. This is not a research paper but an exercise in looking and thinking; however, using the materials in the reader or from lecture is appropriate.


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This paper will seek to find an understanding between the paintings done by Georgia O’Keeffe. These paintings are “Music – Pink and Blue No.2” done in 1918 and “White Birch” in 1925. This paper will also seek to get a comparison between these two paintings based on the way work has been done on the two. The “Music – Pink and Blue No.2” painting was done as the painter was going through a transition………………………..


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