What are your recommendations concerning multilateralism

What are your recommendations concerning multilateralism

Multilateralism, such as the United Nations, is the most promising route to solving global issues. For purposes of this discussion, let us make an assumption that the primary goal of the international system is to preserve peace and security. This does not eliminate other goals, but without peace and security, we have trouble moving on to those goals.

Play the role of a foreign policy advisor to the President. Respond to the following:

What are your recommendations concerning multilateralism?

Specifically, how do you view the United Nations in this mix of international politics?

Refer in your response to perspectives about multilateralism from the Heritage Foundation found at: https://www.heritage.org/report/smart-multilateralism-and-the-united-nations, as well as the articles, “Re-balancing the G-20 from Efficiency to Legitimacy: The 3G Coalition and the Practice of Global Governance,” by Cooper and Momani (2014), and “From National Interest to Global Reform: Patterns of Reasoning in British Foreign Policy Discourse” by Humphreys (2015), which are required reading for this week.


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Multilateralism is the process of uniting relations and affairs between three or more governments in order to carry out a particular activity such as solving a problem. In the diplomatic kit, a functioning international multilateral system is a very important foreign policy tool that should be handled in a pragmatic manner…………………..


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