Reflection to movie

Reflection to movie

Reflection to movie

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Topic: reflection to movie

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Watch one of the films listed below at your leisure, or attend one of the announced campus-wide events. Take notes during the film or event, then write a 1-page reflection to include: (1) a brief summary of the film/event content and message [5 pts], (2) a description of how the film/event engages with sustainability issues in terms of social, economic, and environmental systems [5 pts], and (3) ideas about what you can do as an individual to enhance sustainability of the systems examined in the film or event. Or if applicable, what types of systems need to change and in what ways, to enhance sustainability [5 pts]. Turn in your reflection document on Canvas and confirm with your instructor that they have received it. Your reflection must be in your own words, and indicate a thoughtful viewing of/participation in the film or event. The instructor(s) will compare all reflection documents turned in by students, before awarding points. All reflection documents must be turned in before the last day of class on Friday, April 23. The maximum number of extra credit opportunities allowed to count toward your grade is 3 for the semester (45 points total), including watching films and attending campus-wide events. See the course syllabus for details.

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Reflection to movie

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