Movie Review

Movie Review

Movie Review

Sources:-(To be decided by writer. It is a must to cite all sources you use unless otherwise specified in the instructions)

Subject: Other

Topic: Movie Review

Paper details:

You are free to pick any movie related to the course material or which contains environmental
issues. Valid choices include "Finding Dory", "Happy Feet", “Hoot”, “Erin Brockovich”, “Bee
Movie”, the "Madagascar" series, “Wall-E”, "Day after Tomorrow" among others.

After viewing the movie, write a report that addressing the following:

Part 1: In 500 words or more you will describe:
1) the theme of the movie
2) what happened
3) who was in the movie
4) the type of movie
5) and a full description of the movie.

Part 2: In 100 words or more you will:
1) Provide your opinion and thoughts about the movie, and explain whether you would
recommend this movie to your friends.
2) Describe what type of audience you think the movie is appropriate for.

Part 3:
The final step is to write out three questions about the movie and supply answers to each

– Make sure to cite the movie and reference all sources used in APA format.

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movie Review

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