Written Memo:Progress Report

Written Memo:Progress Report

Written Memo: Progress Toward Your Degree

You agreed with your parents (or spouse, partner, relative, or friend) that you would submit a report at this time describing the progress you have made toward your educational goal (employment, certificate, or degree).

Your Task. In memo format (several templates can be found in Word) write a progress report that fulfills your promise to describe your progress toward your educational goal. Address your progress report to your parents, spouse, partner, relative, or friend. In your memo (a) describe your goal; (b) summarize the work you have completed thus far; (c) discuss thoroughly the work currently in progress, including your successes and anticipated obstacles; and (d) forecast your future activities about your scheduled completion date.

The memo should be in narrative form. You will be assessed on your ability to organize your information, your ability to get your message across, and your grasp of the English language. Keep in mind that business writing is purposeful, concise, audience-oriented, and usually informative. There will be a three-point deduction for any grammatical, spelling, and spacing issues.

This memo should be formatted as follows:

Memo template format

Left and right margins should be 1.25”

The font should be Arial 12 pt.

Standard spacing (double space guidewords and single space body of the memo)

Length should be no more than two pages

Headings/subheadings should be used as appropriate to the memo content

Five-point deduction for not following these instructions for each item


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Written Memo:Progress Report


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