There are many examples of case management portrayals in media

There are many examples of case management portrayals in media

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There are many examples of case management portrayals in media, including film. Choose a movie that showcases the work of a case manager, social worker, or Humans Service Professional. Watch the movie and pay close attention to the skills that are exemplified by the social services professional.

Develop a synopsis paper on the different skills you saw the case manager provide and attributes that you saw in the case manager. Your paper should be 1-2 pages and cite the movie in APA format.

Some examples of relevant movies include Lilo and Stitch, Precious, Girl Interrupted, 28 Days, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Case 3, Free Willie, The Grudge, I am Sam, Rain Man, Oranges and Sunshine, Sleepers, It takes 2, Anger Management, and Happy go Lucky.
These films (and many others) can be found via your public library, streaming video services (like Netflix, Hulu, Crackle, etc.), YouTube,, or your local video rental service (like Red Box). If you are unable to locate any means of viewing a movie for this assignment, please contact your faculty member as soon as possible.


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The Movie Anger Management (Giarraputo, 2003) featured a man Dave Buznik with an anger problem from a traumatic experience when a bully Arnie Shankman pulled down his pants while he was about to kiss a girl. Later in life, he becomes an over-worked assistant with his boss taking all the credit for his work. He represses his emotions and lashes out at people; the effects spill to his private life with girlfriend Linda……………………..


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