Criticisms of News Media

Criticisms of News Media

#1. Criticisms of News Media
What are your main criticisms of the state of news today? In your opinion, what are the news media doing well?

#2 Advocacy vs. Objective Reporting
Is today’s journalism advocacy journalism or is it objective reporting? Should news media teach the public what to think or should they just report the facts?

#3News Media Watchdogs or Not?
Do news media today play a vigorous role as watchdogs of our powerful institutions, or do they act more as extensions of partisan political interests? Explain, with examples.

#4 Investing in Newspapers? (Student Response)
What a way to start this chapter! It is very interesting to know that Newspapers are still making money out there. I can honestly have said that with technology, hardly anyone grabs a newspaper and reads it. I guess I was mistaken since our book starts with a little bit of statistics on how people still invest in newspapers and make money. I had no idea that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos had bought the Washington Post, or that another billionaire name John Henry purchased the Boston globe. Regardless of how little we all think people think of them, they still make money.

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Criticisms of News Media


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