Mass Communication Media

Mass Communication Media

#6  Smartphones

In today’s age, smartphones connect us to the Internet and to our loved ones anywhere we go. It is very rare for consumers to still have landlines at home. The majority of the population owns a cell phone or better yet a smartphone. According to our book in 2013, for the first time, users bought more smartphones than cell phones (Walsh, 2013), and smartphones – not PC, not laptops – are now the most frequently used platform for sending and receiving email (Walsh, 2012). I take public transportation to go to and from work, everyone in that train is using a smartphone, they are either checking the news, some listening to music and others are just check their social media. It is rare that I see someone reading an actual book. Smartphones are becoming so essential in today’s technology

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#7 wek 2 Videos (Professor)

You’ve described all media, not just social media. Most media are an illusion of reality. Critical thinking helps in discerning what is real and what is fake.

#8 Moyers & Company: Who’s Widening America’s Digital Divide? (Student Response)

I agree that the Internet should be widely accessible to everyone. This video talks about how in today’s age we all need access to the Internet. Our children are given tablets that contain their class work and class homework. If we live in an area where the cable is not accessible then how are these kids going to succeed in school? It is incredible how the cable companies are trying to keep the competition away. Verizon, AT&T, Comcast they have all divided what part of the country they can offer their services and everyone wins. Why are we paying 200.00 dollars in Internet service when other countries can pay 30.00 a month? I believe it’s the competition. Something is definitely wrong with our government by allowing these big companies not allowing other companies to offer services all of the countries and at fair prices. We need to speak up with our government officials and stop allowing this. Our Internet is like a utility service, we need to have it and it’s not fair what the government is doing.

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Mass Communication Media


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