Gratifications of Media

Gratifications of Media

Gratifications of Media

Applying Uses & Gratifications of Media

Choose a friend, family member, classmate or

yourself! Briefly describe them: name, age, job

student, related hobbies and interests, and if you

think they are a Light (under 4hrs/day), Average

(4-7hrs/day), or Heavy media user (7+hrs/day).

B. Select 3 types of media apps or activities that person uses

C. Describe their use of each media or application.

Describe the locations, conditions and/or context in which they normally use media.

D. In your view, WHY do they use each one?

What do they get out of it? Identify what specific gratifications you think they

receive from each activity or app. Explain.

E. Lastly, briefly assess how each media affects them and those around them.

Gratifications of Media Gratifications of Media

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Gratifications of Media

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