Marketing Plan case study about Warm Delights

Marketing Plan case study about Warm Delights

Read the Marketing Plan case study about Warm Delights. Then watch the following video
which complements the case study
Answer the following questions:
1. What is the product?
2. Who is the target market?
3. On what criteria is this market segmented?
4. What demographic factors affected the choice of this target?
5. What is the price strategy, promotion strategy, and distribution strategy?
6. How is the product packaged? Why?
7. Who is the direct competition and indirect competition? Which firms would be appropriate
benchmarks for this firm? What competitive advantage does this product have?

8. How are environmental factors affecting the marketing of this product? Consider social,
demographic, legal, political, economic, technological, and competitive factors.
9. Is the purchase of this product affected by psychological or social needs and situational
factors? Why?

10. Is the marketer attempting market penetration, market development, product development,
and/or diversification strategy?
11. Does this company appear to have a total quality management orientation? What is its
reputation on overall quality when compared to the competition?

12. Is this firm known for being responsive to customers? Brainstorm a list of adjectives that
describe this firm and its products. How does this list fit with the concept of value?


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Marketing Plan case study about Warm Delights


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