Discussion board question related to risk management

Discussion board question related to risk management

Put yourself in the position of Flotilla Cassandra, a complaining Risk Manager at Without Mercy Hospital in Walla Walla, Washington.She wails, “Nobody around this place cares about this office until something bad happens, and then they want me to bail them out in some way!How can I get them to see Risk as worthy of constant attention? Or should I not be concerned and just take my check every two weeks and keep quiet? So, what is your response? Does she have a legitimate concern, or is her plight “just the way it is?”Justify your response in some way and see if you can find a website that addresses this kind of concern.

Important notes:

1- Kindly, use 2 reliable scholar resources.

2- use proper APA format for in-line citation and references

3- Comprehensively, answer the question and cover the whole aspects of it in two or more paragraphs.


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By definition, risk management is some procedures that are put in place by a manager to identify and solve risks before they become huge problems for a company (Kot & Dragon, 2015). In any company, it desirable for the management to identify risks before they affect the company adversely. On identifying the risks, then the management will take actions that are designed to prevent the occurrence………………….


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