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Summarize the group project final recommendation

Summarize the group project final recommendation

The final exam builds on your term project and is worth 40%. To begin, assume that your

company has agreed to your final site recommendation and mode of entry. Construction or set-
up of the facility will begin shortly, and you have been asked to move to the new location to

oversee it. Once the facility is ready, you will take over as its first managing director. You must
plan to be there for about three years. You will begin your new assignment immediately and
must be prepared to leave for the new site in ninety days. As managing director, you will be
entirely responsible for both a successful start-up and subsequent operation of the facility,
including the hiring of a competent workforce – both workers and local area managers – to
staff the new operation. Indeed, this will be a good career move for you, so long as you
succeed. As you approach this new assignment, however, it is important that you be fully
prepared. You have acquired knowledge about international business theories and practices
through the course and through the group project that you must now put into practice. As such,
your supervisor has asked you to prepare a report outlining your views and action plan on the
following issues.
Introduction: Summarize the group project final recommendation: Country selection and mode
of entry. That is your starting point. You cannot change decisions made by the group. You may
have to reiterate some facts and data from your group’s part 2 report in your introduction and to
answer the questions below.
1. Global management skills. As of today, how would you characterize your key strengths and
weaknesses as a manager prepared for an overseas assignment? What do you think you will
be particularly good at overall in the implementation of the recommendation? What areas do
you feel need additional training or development?
2. Preparation for the assignment. What is the first thing you are going to do—right now,
today—to begin preparing for your new assignment? During the coming three months while
you are still here, how will you prepare yourself personally and professionally for this new
assignment? Think broadly here: you must address all key aspects of the start-up and
operation of the new facility. What exactly is your plan of action to oversee the

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Summarize the group project final recommendation


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