Machine learning in Construction industry

Machine learning in Construction industry

need help with a short essay, about 600 words (1 page, with 3 paragraph essay… Introduction, Body and Conclusion). The topic is machine learning in the Construction industry.

I have including a word document below with the instructions. Please no plagiarism and write everything in own words (must be original content). Cite sources in APA format.

please note the following full information about the assignment:

The assignment should be considered as a short essay, containing at least 600 words, in formal writing grammar, spelling or punctuation errors.

  • Topic Selection and Referencing Articles: Research the assigned topic (CIS 305 students – database or data mining in various industry, CIS 315 students – machine learning in various industry). Then discuss: 1) what is it, 2) benefits, 3) tools/software, 4) applications (provide at least two business examples), and 5) challenges/limitations. Avoid focusing on only one company or one product.
  • Structure and Content: Please refer to the Structure and Content section and Plagiarism section at the end of this page.
  • Find at least 3 referencing articles, which can be from academic journals (from Bronco online library -> Databases -> ABI/Inform, ACM, or IEEE Xplore), information technology magazines (e.g., PCWorld, PCMagazine, Wired), or quality online articles (e.g.TechCrunch, TheNextWebCNN TechnologyNY Times Technology).
  • Reference: Provide the source of the articles at the end following APA (American Psychological Association) style. (see: APA Guideline by Purdue University). For example, list the journal volume, issue, year, and page numbers for journal article. Do not provide library URL.
  • Each submission must be in format of Microsoft Word or Page, and provide a proper title, your name, and at least two keywords, use comma to separate each keyword.
  • Supporting evidence: Images, charts, videos and high quality of contents are strongly encouraged. Please note that you also need to cite the source of any evidence that is not your original creation.


Structure and Content of essay should be:

Introductory paragraph

Is the thesis of the posting clearly stated and understandable?

Is the argument outlined – can the reader see where the author plans to go?

Is a connection made to the author’s point or message?

Body paragraph

Are paragraphs arranged logically in support of the thesis?

Is analysis clear and convincing?

Are quotes, graphics and other evidence used effectively to support ideas and arguments?

How big data analysis/business intelligence was used

Its applications and benefits to the companies/organizations.

Images, graphs and tables are allowed to help illustrate points. If not original they need to be cited as well.

Concluding paragraph

Is the overall argument strongly restated?

Does the posting end on a strong and convincing note?


At least 3 references should be listed in the reference section at the end of the blog.

Style and Content

Is the posting knowledgeable, substantive development of thesis, relevant to assigned topic?

Are the author’s ideas well-organized, clear, and focused?

Is the writing interesting (good use of language, phrasing, form, etc)?

Spelling and grammar

Is the posting relatively free of problems in grammar and usage?

Is the posting with few errors of spelling, punctuation, capitalization, paragraphing?

Does the citation follow correct APA formatting style?

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Machine learning is explained as the subsection of the computer discipline which offers computers the capabilities to learn in the absence of being obviously automated. This learning, together with data mining has constantly grown because of the improvements in the study of…………………………….


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