Literary Theme and Its Elements

Literary Theme and Its Elements

Literary Theme and Its Elements

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Essay #3: Literary Theme and Its Elements


In the first part of this semester we have looked at many stories that revealed a variety of different themes.  In order to uncover those themes we looked at plot, symbolism, characterization, and point of view among other important literary aspects.  What we have concluded is that what we see is the central theme of a story is something that gives us a deeper understanding about the world, society, or humanity.


In a 3-4 page essay answer the following:

What do you see as the central theme of “Hills Like White Elephants”? How does symbolism, characterization, and point of view help show this theme? (The difference between talking and communicating)


  • Introduction should introduce topic of the essay (which in this case will have to do with what you think the theme is) then the subject by using the summary steps.
  • Thesis statement should come at the end of the introduction answering the questions in the prompt briefly but specifically.
  • Body paragraphs should each focus on a single point that works to support your thesis.  These points should be made clear through topic sentences and contain the rest of the solid paragraph ingredients.
  • Specific quotes, along with paraphrase and summary, should be used as evidence to support your points in each paragraph. Should have several pieces of evidence for each point.
  • Conclusion should bring your focus back out to the topic in general.  Why is understanding the theme of this story significant to understanding the world around us?

Essays should follow MLA style and format (see Hacker or look it up online); one point will be docked for each of these requirements that are not met. One LETTER GRADE will be docked for missed deadlines.

Solution Preview

One of the themes of the story and that I will base my discussion on is the distinction between talking and communicating. Both the man and the girlfriend are talking to each other but there is no flow, they cannot understand one another………………………….


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