Discussion Forum:Linux Forensics

Discussion Forum:Linux Forensics

Discussion Forum:Linux Forensics

During this module, you explored the topics of Linux forensics. The shell is arguably the most important part of Linux. Many Linux administrators work entirely in the shell, type all commands rather than pointing and clicking, without ever using a graphical user interface (GUI). Linux offers many different shells and each shell is designed for a different purpose.

Identify four (4) common shells.

For each shell identified, provide scenarios where that shell might be appropriate to use.

In preparing your response, include at least one source from professional or academic literature—such as articles from peer-reviewed journals and relevant textbooks. For this course, Wikipedia is not considered an academic or professional reference. Also, be sure to proofread and spellcheck your responses. All sources should be formatted using APA guidelines.

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In addition to having various types of user interfaces like KDE and MATE, the Linux operating system also has different types of shells. By definition, the shells are platforms that assist in the development and maintenance of software through the Linux operating system (Kaushik, Yadav & Bhatia, 2015)…………………


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