Linux and Windows Boot Loader

Linux and Windows Boot Loader

Linux and Windows Boot Loader


Choose one of the following questions to answer.

  1. Would prefer to use a Linux or Windows boot loader on your home OS, and explain your reasons why?
  2. Discuss some of the different reasons why you believe a Linux system should or should not be configured to use the X Windows environment? Why do you think that some administrators might choose to use the environment while others would not?

What are some of the common administrative tasks you feel could probably be automated by using either the at or cron daemons. On average, how much time do you feel an administrator could save compared to carrying out similar tasks on a Windows system?

Solution Preview

I have the preference of using the Windows bootloader compared to the Linux. This is because the Linux possess some disadvantages which are not found in the Windows bootloader. Some of them comprise of its limited choice of boot loaders compelling a person to utilize only…………………………….


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