A day care center provides a solution for a busy parent or parents who work

A day care center provides a solution for a busy parent or parents who work

PSYC 2314: Lifespan Growth & Development

Child Care/Day Care Developmental Project

Due April 12, 2018 in class

Connecting families and communities

A day care center provides a solution for a busy parent or parents who work or simply need a qualified professional to watch their kids for a few hours out of the day as they handle other duties. Running a legitimate day care center involves a number of steps. If you want to open this type of business it’s best to start investigating the specific requirements in your state immediately as it could take some time to get up and running.

Creating a day care center involves more than collecting toys and planning fun activities for the kids. Several important administrative and logistical points need to be addressed before you can hang an open for business sign. Create a solid foundation for the day care center by documenting all of your philosophical and operational information. Taking the time to get your business in order and in line with legal requirements reduces headaches down the road.

Use your developing knowledge of a child’s development to create the best day care facility in the state. You should include in your development the 2 of the 4 major Developmental theories and theorist or you’re welcome to include all of them:

Erik Erikson- Psychosocial Stages of Development

Jean Piaget- Theory of Cognitive Development

Lev Vygotsky Sociocultural Theory

Abraham Maslow Humanistic Theory

Keep in mind that each age group of children must meet the minimum requirements for the Texas Department of Child Care and Licensing. You and your team of investor and Child Care providers must also decide some important parts to your facility:

What type of facility will you be producing: Teacher-centered or Child-Centered /Learner –Centered

Immunization: will the children in your facilities be immunized? Weigh the risks.

Nutrition: What type of food? Allergies? People are developing strange allergies every minute.

Parents Role: what if a certain gender parent is uninvolved? Will your center address this?

Child-to-Staff Ratio

Dealing with Difficult Children: “Normal” children and/or intellectually disabled?

Daily Activities/Toys

PSYC 2314- Child Care Facility (1)

Rate of Payments


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Little buttercups child day care center is a specialized day care for children under the age of twelve years. It offers home-based care for the admitted children, with a capacity of six children. In this sense, Little buttercups Child day care was began to help those children whose guardians are not able to provide with monitored care and specialized learner-based teaching, growth and development……………………….


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