Liberated Thread Book Review

Liberated Thread Book Review

Ethic Studies paper- 6-7 pages on Liberated Threads by Tanisha Ford. need to summarize the book’s argument, does the book do what it says it will do, is the book a contribution to the field or discipline, does it relate to a current debate or trend in the field and how, what is the theoretical lineage or school of thought out of which the book rises, is the book well written, what are the books terms and how are they defined, how accurate is the information, are illustrations helpful (if no images, then should there have been), who would benefit from reading this book, how does it compare to other books in the field.

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The author argues that the revolution that was internally started by the black women during the time played a major role in liberating them from discrimination along racial and gender lines. She also talks about Angela Davis who popularized the whole idea of the afro hairstyle………………………………..


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