Describe your initial ideas for approaching the project

Describe your initial ideas for approaching the project

Below are 2 discussion posts that requires at least 250 words or more and at least one reference.

1. Review the “Capstone Project Student Guide.” Describe your initial ideas for approaching the project: What organizations come to mind? What type of project are you interested in conducting? Why would your project be valuable for the organization you are considering? Consider this discussion forum an opportunity to brainstorm ideas and gain feedback from your peers. (It will be attached below.)

2. What personal or professional experience inspired your interest in your capstone project idea? Is it based on a need you have experienced from leadership? A personal passion? What leadership theories and concepts from your past courses could you draw upon as you engage in the project?


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Going through Master of Science in Leadership got me deeply thinking about the importance of leadership in organizations. The initial idea for this project was born out of the need to first ensure good leadership foundations are installed before coming up with advanced leadership programs. Apparently, there are many……………………………


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