Human resources management and labor relations 

Human resources management and labor relations

In chapter 10, you will learn about human resources management and labor relations. After you have read Chapter 10, please use the topic below as a starting point for class discussions, but please feel free to generate and initiate your own topics, including any questions or comment you may have for the concepts and content of this chapter.

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1. Please read the chapter-opening case “A Unique Partnership Drives Wegmans” on page 308 and answer the following questions: What do think is Wegmans Food Markets does to keep employees on-board compared to most supermarkets? Do think investing in retail supermarket employees is sustainable? If so, how would you invest without breaking the bank? Have you ever worked at company that had cutbacks in employment? If so, how did the company go about the layoffs and keep employees motivated for the future?

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Wegmans Grocery Market has an interesting Business Strategy that sets them apart from competitors. By investing in their employees, they produce a sense of value in those employees, and through offering incentives such as Medical Benefits even for part-time employees, and scholarships, they build a relationship instead of just offering a job, which has been successful in putting Wegmen’s at the top of the Grocery Business, and has prevented job turnover from employees. Wegman’s has established a desirable work environment, and encourages employees to learn their products and sell their knowledge, which also sets them apart from competitors.

My first job was a Courtesy Clerk at Safeway. I have an understanding of the Grocery business. I observed that most employees did not stay with the company for very long, and merely used their job as a stepping stone into something “better”, and the employees that had been there for some time were much older and near retirement. The difference between Safeway and similar stores, and Wegman’s is the employee value instilled by the company. I don’t believe investing in employees in a brand new company is wise, yet once a business is established, making conscious valuable investments is beneficial to create loyalty and expansion.

I have worked for a Company that essentially Dissolved, and transitioned to an Online only Operation. To Prevent too many Layoffs at once, they eliminated the less important positions first, and even allowed some employees to change positions to stay employed longer. In this case, this was inevitable. I left the company before my position was eliminated.

Primary Post: Response to Instructor’s Topic

Wegmans Food Markets offers their employees an excellent benefits package that includes affordable, high-quality health insurance. And they offer that package to both their full time and part time employees. They offer them other perks as well, such as telecommuting, fitness center discounts and scholarships for their education, also to both full and part time employees.

Yes, I think investing in retail supermarket employees is sustainable. It reduces the amount of turnover of employees which saves the company money in the long run since they do not need to keep training new people all the time. I would invest without breaking the bank by figuring out what benefits my employees would want/need most to help keep them motivated and staying on with the company and figure out the best strategy to get the people what they need but for the best price. I would also work to crunch the numbers and figure out money I could save in the long run if I can keep my current employees happy and not have to go through lots of turnover.

No, I have not worked for a company that has had employment cutbacks.

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Human resources management and labor relations 


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