Komatsu Limited Case study

Komatsu Limited Case study

Komatsu Limited Case study

Note: Do case 1, case 2 and the extra credit as attached. Also fill the questionnaire in the case attached. Let me know if you have any question.

For case 2: I attached the case and here are some question might help you.

Case Questions:

  1. Would you advise JCI shareholders to approve the proposed merger of Johnson Controls and Tyco International? In your assessment of the merger, discuss its impact on JCI shareholders and stakeholders, such as employees, customers, and suppliers.
  2. Corporate tax inversions have been on the rise and have stirred a heated debate among corporate executives, politicians, and academic scholars. Consider the role of the government as a stakeholder. What is your evaluation of the proposed combination as a tax inversion – is it an “unpatriotic” and “sleazy” deal or the legal exercise of the company’s rights to optimize its operational expenses, including tax liabilities? Explain.
  3. Is Alex Molinaroli a good CEO? How should the board of directors evaluate the performance of the chief executive officer? Does corporate governance and pay-for-performance culture in JCI promote long-term and/or short-term performance?
  4. Monitoring by the board of directors is a pivotal element of corporate governance. What is your evaluation of JCI board of directors? Would you consider it a well-functioning board? Explain.
  5. Please complete the Debriefing Questionnaire at the end of the case.
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The company Komatsu is among the heavy equipment manufacturers that have been in operations for a long period of time. The company was able to grow constantly in the years from late 1960’s to 1982. This was under the leadership of Mr. Kawai. The CEO was able to introduce the total quality concept. This is something that would enable the success of the company by…………………….
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