Job Market Overview

Job Market Overview

Job Market Overview

In a Canvas response between 250 and 500 words, characterize the current job market in your chosen profession. Try to imagine what sorts of questions you’ll have when you begin hunting for jobs, and try to answer them with some quick research (focus on your specific field, i.e. “mechanical engineering job market,” etc.), or by asking an expert in your field (professors, supervisors, mentors, etc.). If you need a few questions to get started, here are some things you might consider:

How does this year’s market stack up against previous years?

Are the sorts of companies you would be interested in working for actively recruiting entry-level (or whatever level you are at) positions?

Is this a belt-tightening year, in which there are layoffs and the overall number of jobs in your field is shrinking?

How much demand is there for someone with your particular degree and skills?

Do your prospects improve if you are willing to relocate to another state.

If you are trying to choose between a number of different specializations in your field, which of those areas gives you the best shot at a job or a higher income?

Make sure that you provide me with sources for your information. Give me links to internet sources, cite trade journals or news reports, and make sure to name any experts or other professionals you talk to (“According to so-and-so…”). As far as citation formatting is concerned, I am not requiring anything specific (e.g., MLA formatting) as long as your citations are clear and consistent.

Also, make sure your information is current. You can use old sources to get a sense of the history of your job market, but if you are telling me something about the current year, your source needs to be current.

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Job Market Overview


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