Job Analysis and Job Design

Job Analysis and Job Design

Job Analysis and Job Design

Job Analysis and Job Design

In this assignment, you are heading up a work team within a large childcare organization that provides in-home childcare services among its other services. You will be conducting the following:

Job Analysis

Job Description

Job Specifications

Job Design

Case Assignment

For this assignment, review the following:

Read pages 71-84 about job analysis and its outcomes in:

Arthur, D. (2012). Recruiting, interviewing, selecting & orienting new employees. New York, NY: AMACOM. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.

Heilmann, P. (2013). Prolonging careers through HRM-practices. Paper presented at the 160-IX. Retrieved from Trident Online Library.

Kumar, A. & Kumar, R. (2016). The art and science of talent spotting. Human Capital, 19(9), 16-21. Retrieved from the Trident Online Library.

Talent Strategy Institute. (2015, July 9). Workforce planning explained [Video file]. Retrieved from Standard YouTube license.

Zaballero, L. (2015, October 1). Basics of job/task analysis [Video file]. Retrieved from Standard YouTube license.

In this assignment, you are the HR Manager at your current employer. You have a staff whose main function is to analyze the company’s employment needs for the next 12 months. Apply your knowledge to design and implement job analysis and job specifications to one job at your company.

Your assignment is to analyze the current needs of your company by selecting one of the company’s open positions. (You can improvise background data needed for certain steps in the analysis process.)

In your essay, address the three parts of the assignment listed below:

Describe each step your team will take to analyze a specific job. Next, conduct the analysis. Discuss in as much detail as possible what your job analysis steps reveal about the selected job.

Discuss the job specifications for your selected job.

Meet with a colleague or coworker currently in this position and ask them if there is anything you missed that they would add to the position.

Refer to background readings and what you have found in the Trident Online Library. Cite all sources used to help you through these steps.

Your essay submission should be 4 pages, not counting the cover page and reference list page. Use Times New Roman size 12 font; double-space everything, including references, but do not add extra spacing between paragraphs or after headings; and, make sure your margins are one inch on all four sides. You can view what the cover page content should appear in the sample paper found in the Purdue OWL APA Formatting and Style Guide.

Citation and reference style instructions are available at Also see Trident University’s Student Guide to Writing a High-Quality Academic Paper.

You will find the following useful as you critique sources:

Cornell University. (2014). Evaluating web sites: Criteria and tools. Retrieved from

Cornell University. (2015). Critically analyzing information sources: Critical appraisal and analysis. Retrieved from

Assignment Expectations

Your submission will be assessed on your level of critical-thinking skills as reflected in the grading rubric:

The criteria found in the Critical-Thinking grading rubric for this assignment are:

Meets assignment requirements

Critical thinking

Writing/communication, and assignment organization

Use of sources and mechanics

Timeliness of assignment

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Job Analysis and Job Design


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