Discuss the company’s technology, products and career opportunities

Discuss the company’s technology, products and career opportunities

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As markets change over time so do strategic decisions. In Teams, please review the May 16thonline article published by Peter O’Dwyer of the Irish Examiner “Michael Dell flies into Cork to consult with staff on EMC merger and watch the YouTube film, published by the CUBE “Michael Dell – EMC World 2016.”

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Discuss the company’s technology, products, and career opportunities. Do you think this company will remain a global leader in their field? Why or why not? What does your team think of Michael Dell’s strategic initiative?

Include in your post an example of an IT business that is changing (repositioning) itself for the future. Include a link to their Website and a short YouTube film. (Be sure to discuss why you selected this business.)


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The company has been able to note the importance of incorporating some artificial intelligence to the various products that they develop for the consumers. The decrease in the expenses that can be incurred for them to be incorporated into a business is among the key reasons as to why great focus is on them……………………….


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