Intrusion Prevention Systems

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Complete the optional team case project on page 56 of the textbook by contacting the vendors of 2 commercial intrusion prevention systems and asking them at least 3 questions of your own choice about the products capabilities. You can contact the vendors directly or gather the information from their websites. Next, write at least a three page paper in current APA format that lists the selected vendors, chosen products, questions asked, and provided answers, and any other additional details you feel are pertinent. Evaluate each product and then compare the products. Is there one which you think is better and why or would it be application dependent?

Optional Team Project
With so much at stake, companies of all sizes are taking a closer look at intrusion prevention systems (IPSs) security solutions. In order to sift through the claims and separate the intrusion prevention contenders from the pretenders, the companies need to ask potential vendors a number of obvious basic questions first. Please list the basic IPS questions that a company might ask their vendors? (Vacca 56)

Vacca, John R.. Network and System Security, 2nd Edition. Syngress Publishing, 08/2013. VitalBook file.

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 intrusion prevention systems


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