Interdisciplinary Solutions to Real Problems

Interdisciplinary Solutions to Real Problems

TOPIC: Interdisciplinary Solutions to Real Problems

1. Explain the problem’s context briefly.

2. Propose an interdisciplinary combination of areas of study that would prepare students to solve the problem

THREAD: The world is full of problems, and the solutions to them are often not simple or something that a single discipline can handle.

When a famine occurs, the solution is not simply to send food. Health, economic, and social causes will rise up at the same time.

When designing a video game or a website, a company does not need just engineers; they also hire humanities majors who can create the concept and experience.

When students drop out of high school at a high rate, the school may increase sports funding, tutoring, guidance counselor staffing, trade classes, etc.

For this discussion board, identify a complicated problem you have encountered personally or have heard about.

Explain the problem’s context briefly.

Propose an interdisciplinary combination of areas of study that would prepare students to solve the problem.

In describing the solution, propose 2-3 specific disciplines (such as philosophy, biology, English, computer sciences, etc.)that would prepare an undergraduate student to be an expert in solving the problem you mention. Explain why each discipline is necessary, show how each discipline contributes to one’s knowledge of the problem, and explain how it is interdisciplinary, not just multidisciplinary.

A multidisciplinary example that would not be acceptable would be like proposing business and religion as disciplines for a pastor who wants to do accounting for his church as an extra ministry. While he may be more likely to be hired, he is doing two separate things, not one. There is no integration. Interdisciplinarity integrates two seemingly different things into one specific task like studying creative writing, music, and theater to be able to write musicals. All areas are integrated into the final task or career.

There is no word count minimum, but do not use more than 300 words per thread.

REPLIES: Respond to two of your classmates’ threads, evaluating their proposals using the following questions:

Do the proposed disciplines help students prepare to fix the problem?

Would you add any other disciplines that might be helpful?

Is the combination truly interdisciplinary, or is it just setting the student up to be a multidisciplinary jack-of-all-trades? Explain.

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