Explain your ideas on plagiarism and Intellectual Property.

Explain your ideas on plagiarism and Intellectual Property.

Complete exercise 1 on page 434 of the textbook.

Select an essay from chapters 8-12 of the book and examine the different ways an author uses source materials to support claims. Begin by highlighting the signal phrases you find attached to borrowed ideas or direct quotations. Explain how well they introduce or frame the material. Then categorize the various ways the author actually uses particular sources, and write a paragraph assessing the author’s handling of sources in the piece. Explain if the borrowed materials integrate well with the author’s own thoughts. Explain if they represent an effective synthesis of ideas.

Log on to Wikipedia and view the entry for Local Food, paying special attention to how the article acknowledges sources and how Wikipedia alerts readers that articles may contain unreliable or uncredited information. Explain whether or not you think the material is accurately sourced and cited.

MLA and APA styles differ in several important ways, both for in-text citations and for lists of sources. Define which academic disciplines subscribe to MLA and which to APA. Then list as many differences as you can between the two, then for each difference speculate about reasons for the differences.

part 2 assignment is discussion questions. Can be around 8-10 sentences for these two questions.

1. Explain your ideas on plagiarism and Intellectual Property.Identify where you stand on various issues, such as music sharing, using photos others have taken, downloading movies for free, etc. Explain whether or not you think theses IP rights should protect issues.

2.Why did powerful new states emerge in Africa and the Americas during the late 14th and 15th Century period? Why were some states relatively short lived? What does the term “ecological imperialism” mean? How did Inca and Aztec empires exploit the ecological diversity of the Andes and Mesoamerica?


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The paraphrasing that will be done in this case will be for the essay, “There aren’t enough high-paying jobs for college graduates these days”. This statement can be paraphrased to, “The number of graduates from colleges is much higher than the number of high-paying jobs available these days”…………………..


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