Did the author have a clear purpose for the article

Did the author have a clear purpose for the article

Academic Article Review of 5 articles

There are pdf copies of various journals here:https://app.box.com/s/6y09j7i8lmzqewf36qj5

Compose and submit to this assignment – a structured review of five (5) articles that has an overall introduction, an overall conclusion, and a developed body that flows well – using your own words. Please include, as well:

An APA reference for the articles – basically, let your professor know how to find it if he want to read it.

A brief summary of the main points that the author made in the article.

An analysis of the article. Some points to address: 1) Did the author have a clear purpose for the article? What makes you believe so? 2) Was this purpose accomplished? How? 3) Did the author present compelling evidence to support main points? 4) Does the article have gaps? What sort? 5) Did the author present the information in a way that readers would find appealing? In what way? 6) Is the world a better place for this article being written? How? 7) How does this article relate to the real world, either business-wise, or personally? If it doesn’t, state why.

Minimum of 500 words

if you want to use from the link i posted, please let it be related to ethics and information technology; academic journal such as Ethics and Information Technology or Computers in Human Behavior.

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This article talks about ethics and information technology. The relationship between information technology and ethics is clearly defined by the author. Since ethics is a product of distinct cultures, the issue of intercultural information ethics is also an important element of discussion in this article. The subject of information technology ethics is increasingly becoming important because of the global digital technology…………………….


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